Insulated Attic Space

As a standard in all of our homes, we choose to insulate to the roof. This means that the insulation is attached to the underside of the roof, insulating not only your living space, but also the entire attic space of your home. This keeps all of the home's internal systems cooler, insulated from the intense Tucson heat. 

By insulating your attic we keep your home's internal functions cooler in the summer, or warmer during the occasional freeze.  Your air conditioning ducts that run to each room will function better, starting off at a more regulated temperature. All water lines are more in this space as well, allowing hot water lines to function more efficiently, as well as keep your cold water lines refreshingly cold!

When homes are built without insulating the attic, vents are required. This means you would be allowing the brutal Tucson heat to move freely inside your roof space! We eliminate this unnecessary intrusion, and seal up the building's envelope as tight as possible. 

Kevin Arnold