Crafting unique and quality homes in Tucson since 1985

established in 1985

Raised in Tucson on 3rd street, Michael Arnold wanted to build since grade school. Looking out his classroom window to watch the University of Arizona Hospital being built, he had his mind made up, he would be a builder. Michael started with woodworking in his garage, soon working up to building fences and hot tub decks around Tucson. Soon he was remodeling homes, and starting plans for new construction. His first custom home was built in Shadow Hills. (Pictured above)

While beginning to build his first homes, he also became a firefighter and paramedic. After 20 years on the Tucson Fire Department, he began building full time and has not looked back.

Over 90 custom homes later, Kachina Custom Homes has built homes all over Tucson. With accute attention to detail, Michael Arnold wants to build homes that he is proud to put his name to, knowing that they will be around for generations. 

We look forward to working with you.

Michael Arnold