Crafting unique and quality homes in Tucson since 1985

Our new single story, semi-custom home community

We wanted to develop a community of homes that were focused on quality. This gated neighborhood is inspired by native Tucson architecture, and built to the standards we have set for ourselves in custom home construction. 
As a local company, we want to build to a level of quality to be proud of. We live here, so we want to be proud of our impact on the community. 

Please email us for any inquiries, or to schedule a tour. Tours by appointment only.


2008 W. Revayah Place,
Tucson, AZ 85704

New Single Story Custom Neighborhood

Sonoran Desert Reserve offers custom quality homes inspired by Tucson. Built by native Tucsonans, and designed to lend from our rich architectural heritage. 

Subdivision Features

  • Single Story

  • Square footage from 1,807 to 2,135

  • Bedrooms from 2 to 4

  • 2 - 3(tandem) Car Garages

  • Paver Driveways, Space for 2 Cars

  • Gated community

  • Paver Sidewalks throughout neighborhood

  • Large backyards with slump block walls and metal gates

  • 25 lots on a hill with views of three mountain ranges

  • Natural Desert Landscape in common areas and front yards



1807 sq ft

  • 3 bed 2 bath

  • Dining room or Den / Office

  • Optional Extended Garage


Not listed in MLS, please call us directly

520-797-2137 office





1947 sq ft

  • 3 bed 2 bath

  • Den or Office

  • Optional Extended Garage


Not listed in MLS, please call us directly

520-797-2137 office




2135 sq ft

  • 3 bed 2 bath

  • Optional Den

  • 3 car tandem garage


Not listed in MLS, please call us directly

520-797-2137 office

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2005 sq ft

  • 3 bed 2 bath

  • 3 car tandem garage


Not listed in MLS, please call us directly

520-797-2137 office



1880 sq ft

  • 3 bed 2 bath


Not listed in MLS, please call us directly

520-797-2137 office


Smart Home

Our homes come standard with current technological integrations. 

Standard Home Technology:

  • Structured Wiring Panel

  • TV / Cat5e to each bedroom, office and living room

  • Wi-Fi Home Preparation

    • We take our internet seriously.

    • Conduit for internet access from the street is brought up inside the home to avoid tampering and provide ultimate protection from weather.

    • Home has been tested for optimal router placement, and a designated area has been chosen and pre-wired for router placement. This ensures your router will not be stuffed into a small box, giving you the greatest signal strength .

We also provide the option for current smart home technology. We have honed our preferred tech down to what is the most user friendly, and unobtrusive to life. 

The Smart Home Package includes:

  • Nest Thermostats in all zones

  • Nest Hello Doorbell

  • Nest x Yale Deadbolt

We also provide the option for hardwired security cameras featuring:

  • 24/7 recording

  • Network connected

  • 4-8 Cameras

  • Power Over Ethernet, no batteries or wireless

Standard Building Features

Being a custom home builder, we have very specific quality measures that we judge a home's longevity from. We want to build a home that will perform efficiently, and for generations without constant maintenance. Listed below are some of our standard building methods. These are all features that we use in every house we build. Many larger national builders and larger companies tend to cut many of these out due to the increase in cost. We would rather make less on each home than build a home without the ability to be passed down through generations. 


What makes our homes superior quality and construction?


8" Post Tension Concrete Slab

A standard post tension slab we pour is 8" thick. At the footers this slab is a foot deeper. National home builders often pour 6" post tension slabs to save money. We want to build a foundation that will last as long as the house. 

2" x 6" Exterior Walls

An all around superior choice in framing a new home. Standard framed stucco homes are built out of 2" x 4". 50% more space in the walls creates a thicker building envelope, contributing to an overall more efficient home. 


Spray Foam Insulation at Roof Deck

As a standard in all of our homes, we choose to insulate to the roof. This means that the insulation is attached to the underside of the roof, insulating not only your living space, but also the entire attic space of your home. This keeps all of the home's internal systems cooler, insulated from the intense Tucson heat. 

By insulating your attic we keep your home's internal functions cooler in the summer, or warmer during the occasional freeze.  Your air conditioning ducts that run to each room will function better, starting off at a more regulated temperature. All water lines are  in this space as well, allowing hot water lines to function more efficiently, as well as keep your cold water lines cool !

When homes are built without insulating the attic, vents are required. This means you would be allowing the brutal Tucson heat to move freely inside your roof space! We eliminate this unnecessary intrusion, and seal up the building's envelope as tight as possible. 

Plywood Cabinet Box Construction

An option we highly suggest.

Kachina Custom Homes has a long history in cabinet making, and we have long ago sworn off using particle board in cabinet construction. 90% of cabinets are built with particle board for the sake of cost savings. We firmly believe that the quality of the Plywood construction provides a much stronger cabinet. In the case of water ever leaking or spilling inside a cabinet, or around one, plywood will be mostly unfazed. Particle board cabinets are extremely prone to damage, deterioration, and expansion due to water. 

Steam and humidity generated in a typical kitchen can degrade particle board over time.