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standard building details

Being a custom home builder, we have very specific quality measures that we judge a home's longevity from. We want to build a home that will perform efficiently, and for generations without constant maintenance. Listed below are some of our standard building methods. These are all features that we use in every house we build. Many larger national builders and larger companies tend to cut many of these out due to the increase in cost. We would rather make less on each home than build a home without the ability to be passed down through generations. 

What makes our homes superior quality and construction?

8" Post Tension Concrete Slab

A standard post tension slab we pour is 8" thick. At the footers this slab is a foot deeper. National home builders often pour 6" post tension slabs to save money. We want to build a foundation that will last as long as the house. 


2" x 6" Exterior Walls

An all around superior choice in framing a new home. Standard framed stucco homes are built out of 2" x 4". 50% more space in the walls creates a thicker building envelope, contributing to an overall more efficient home. 

Below is a 2x4 placed inside a 2x6 wall to give you an idea of how much stronger the wall is, as well as how much more room for insulation there is. 

Pictured above: 2"x4" set inside a 2"x6" wall

Windows are Set Back in Wall

One distinction between a custom home and massed produced homes is the window detail. Our homes always have the windows 'bucked' rather than mounted flush on the side of a home. This means our windows are set back into the wall slightly. 
The majority of the reason is for aesthetics, but there are benefits in weather sealing as well. The windows are more protected, as well as giving the overall structure more mass.


Concrete Roof Tile, your choice over 2 layers of 40 pound felt

One method many builders use to cut down on building cost is to use a single layer of roofing felt. This 40 pound felt is what water proofs your roof. We think that the roof is one of the last places you want to save money on. The last thing you want to have to do is replace the roofing in 10 - 20 years. 

Our standard is to always use a double layer of 40 lb roofing felt to ensure that the roof will still be doing it's job into the next generation. 


Spray Foam Insulation at Roof Deck

Spray Foam at the roof, R-19 in the walls

As a standard in all of our homes, we choose to insulate to the roof. This means that the insulation is attached to the underside of the roof, insulating not only your living space, but also the entire attic space of your home. This keeps all of the home's internal systems cooler, insulated from the intense Tucson heat. 

By insulating your attic we keep your home's internal functions cooler in the summer, or warmer during the occasional freeze.  Your air conditioning ducts that run to each room will function better, starting off at a more regulated temperature. All water lines are in this space as well, allowing hot water lines to function more efficiently, as well as keep your cold water lines cool !

When homes are built without insulating the attic, vents are required. This means you would be allowing the brutal Tucson heat to move freely inside your roof space! We eliminate this unnecessary intrusion, and seal up the building's envelope as tight as possible. 


Insulated Garage

Just like the home, we put the insulation at the roof, and R-19 in the walls of the garage. We feel that in Tucson, the extra money it takes to insulate the garage is well worth it. The garage is not just a place for your car, it is also a place for you to work on projects. 

The home as a whole is more efficient when the garage is insulated. The garage is not completely separate from the rest of the home. Why leave an entire portion of your home uninsulated? 


Quality Locally made Cabinets

Kachina Custom Homes has a long history in cabinet construction. We have many options available to choose from.

Our cabinets are made in Phoenix. 


8' Doors Throughout Home





10' Ceilings Throughout


Shower and Tub 

Tile Shower and Tub surround are laid over Densshield Waterproof Board

We want to build a home that will be long lasting. Some builders lay tile over regular drywall. This is begging for deterioration and cracking grout joints a few years down the road. 

Our homes always have shower and tubs tiled, and we always lay that tile over waterproof tile backer board like Densshield. 



Cat 5 wiring to TV and computer locations


Driveway and Patios in Belgard Pavers

Where ever we could use pavers in the neighborhood we did. Most neighborhoods in North Tucson are full of concrete. We wanted this community to feel more organic, so we are using pavers for all of the sidewalks, and driveways in the neighborhood. Patios, and walkways around the homes are also Belgard pavers.  


Granite Countertops


Insulated Garage Door

We do our best to keep the garage cool in the summers. We know how much is stored in the garage, and how often projects are worked on in there as well. A nice garage door will help to keep the space as cool as possible. 

We do have options for the Rustic Panel Garage doors as well. 

LiftMaster Side Mount Opener

Elite Series 8500 - This quiet opener is direct drive, no chains belts or screw drives to maintain. It is mounted on the wall at the side of the garage door, keeping your garage feeling open and spacious. This opener is able to connect to the internet with a  MyQ Internet Gateway device. This allows you to check that your garage door is closed, and open/close it from anywhere.

This is the opener we use:


Gas and 240v Electric to Dryer


80 CFM Quiet Exhaust Fans in Bathroom and Laundry

Stucco has a Silica Sand Finish